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It is Never Too Late to Earn That Degree

When I was a teenager, my parents encouraged me to begin college directly after I graduated high school. However, I wanted to take a short one-year break from school. After landing a full-time waitressing job and earning pretty good money for a year, my motivation to continue my education vanished. After over a decade of waitressing, I began developing back pain, and I knew I needed to go back to college, but I was so afraid! I finally just "did it" and registered for classes at a local college. I forgot how much I loved learning! I am now a social worker and really love helping others. Since having a good education is such an important part of living a healthy, happy life, I decided to make a blog to share my educational tips. I hope I can help empower you to succeed in any educational endeavor you take!


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Producing a Sample Music Video to Use for Job Prospects

If you had recently obtained a college degree in video production, and you are interested in finding a position within a media company that makes music videos, you will want to take the time to produce a sample to add to your portfolio when it is time to go through the interviewing process. Here are some tips you can use to ensure your music video is perceived as professional-grade, perhaps landing you the media job of your dreams as a result.

Hire a Local Artist or Band Looking for Exposure

Before you undertake the filming and compilation of a music video, it is best to find a band or solo artist interested in having a video made to promote one of their songs. Visit a few shows in your area, whether at a theater, town event, or tavern performance, to help in the selection of a musician or band that you feel is inspiring with their look and sound. Picking a person or group who will be appreciative of the work you provide for them will be helpful as they will be eager to perform their part to the best of their ability, giving you a finished product you will be proud to share.

Decide on Specifics to Give Viewers an Entertaining Story

The story line you select for the music video will make an impact on whether viewers watch the entire performance or if they move on to other activities. It is a good idea to avoid playing a full musical performance without a secondary message when making a music video. This will help pique interest, helping those spectating to keep their attention engaged. Pick out a wardrobe representative of the message you wish to project if the band or artist wishes to be on film. If you are going to use their music in the background and show a story in its entirety, consider having them play a part in the video as a character people will enjoy learning more about.

Rent a Studio and the Right Equipment for the Job

If you do not own your own filming equipment, consider asking your college if you can rent theirs to help you with your job endeavor hunt. A teacher you had learned from may be happy to assist you in the tasks needed to complete the project and may be able to give you additional pointers to ensure the video you construct will meet the approval of any potential employers. If your college is unable to help, you will need to rent time at a professional studio to complete the project properly.