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When I was a teenager, my parents encouraged me to begin college directly after I graduated high school. However, I wanted to take a short one-year break from school. After landing a full-time waitressing job and earning pretty good money for a year, my motivation to continue my education vanished. After over a decade of waitressing, I began developing back pain, and I knew I needed to go back to college, but I was so afraid! I finally just "did it" and registered for classes at a local college. I forgot how much I loved learning! I am now a social worker and really love helping others. Since having a good education is such an important part of living a healthy, happy life, I decided to make a blog to share my educational tips. I hope I can help empower you to succeed in any educational endeavor you take!


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Enrolling In A Flight Training School

Certified flight instruction is one of the most crucial ways a professional pilot can make significant strides in the aviation industry. Becoming an experienced pilot with excellent credentials is not an easy feat, and it starts with good flight training and instruction. Therefore, the aviation school you attend will significantly influence your skills and expertise. Many qualities make a flight school stand out from the rest, impacting its ability to churn out professional pilots. Prospective pilots should lookout for essential institutional attributes before settling for a flight training course. The following are some qualities to consider in your search for flight training schools.

The Institution Should be Committed to Upholding Integrity

It is common for most flight instructors to take up CFI roles to increase their flight hours, as is required by most insurers. Most schools are compromised and ignore their training, exposing future airline operators and users to danger. Good flight training institutions recognize the importance of their training and prioritize learning over accumulation of flight hours. Competent flying schools emphasize the safety of students and will not force a flight or a test if the new pilot is not ready. Moreover, they inculcate integrity among their students, integral to successful careers in the aviation sector

The Institution Should have the Requisite Facilities

Effective training is impractical without the necessary equipment, especially concerning hands-on courses such as flight training. Before settling for a flight training program, ensure the school has enough equipment and relevant infrastructure. More aircraft means adequate time in the air, increasing your flight hours exponentially. It is also important to ensure the aircraft are of different types to expand the scope of your knowledge on airplanes. Spending more time in aircraft will make one a decisive pilot with the ability to act quickly for the safety of your passengers and crews in the air and on the ground.

The Institution Should Have Certified Training Instructors

The number of CFIs can determine the level of instruction you will receive in the flight training program. While a large number does not guarantee a successful outcome, it provides you with options. You can choose a CFI that you are most comfortable with and meets your personal preferences and needs. A good CFI can effectively pass technical information in a way you can understand without complicating the subject further. A good flight instructor who is good at communication, listening, and very knowledgeable in flight training can easily guarantee success.