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It is Never Too Late to Earn That Degree

When I was a teenager, my parents encouraged me to begin college directly after I graduated high school. However, I wanted to take a short one-year break from school. After landing a full-time waitressing job and earning pretty good money for a year, my motivation to continue my education vanished. After over a decade of waitressing, I began developing back pain, and I knew I needed to go back to college, but I was so afraid! I finally just "did it" and registered for classes at a local college. I forgot how much I loved learning! I am now a social worker and really love helping others. Since having a good education is such an important part of living a healthy, happy life, I decided to make a blog to share my educational tips. I hope I can help empower you to succeed in any educational endeavor you take!


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Is Your Child In Preschool? 4 Benefits Of Taking Field Trips

If your child is in preschool, they should be taking field trips. If they do not, talk with the teacher to see if they can start doing this. Below are some reasons why field trips are so beneficial for your preschooler, as well as for the teacher.

Helps Them Learn New Things

Your child learns a lot by going to preschool, but they can learn even more if they go on field trips. They may see things that interest them that they did not even know about. They would then want to go home and learn even more about it. For example, they may develop a love for science if they are taken to a science center. If taken to a musical or symphony, they may want to learn how to play an instrument. These are things that would not be possible if they were not taken out on trips like this.

Being able to touch things or see things helps them learn better than the teacher reading out of a book.

Helps Them with Social Skills

Along with learning new things, they can learn how to become more social. Kids do not have as much time at a preschool to interact with each other individually. Riding on the bus with their classmates helps them get to know each other better. They can also learn more social skills by learning how to share space while they are riding on the bus, or learning how to be quiet if they need to.

A Break from School

One great advantage of a field trip for the preschool students and the teacher is getting a break from sitting in a classroom. Preschool children will enjoy doing something different, and will be much more open to learning new things.

Different Types of Field Trips

Sit down with the teachers and decide on different types of field trips they can take throughout the year. You could include fun things, like the zoo, a large playground, or a picnic in a park. You could also choose more educational things, like a museum or a type of discover center. This will keep the kids more interested than if you take the same type of field trip all the time.

As you can see, going on field trips has many benefits. If you work and want to spend more time with your child, go with them on these trips. Your child will likely love this, and you can give the teacher some help. Find trusted preschools, such as Family Ties Child Center.