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When I was a teenager, my parents encouraged me to begin college directly after I graduated high school. However, I wanted to take a short one-year break from school. After landing a full-time waitressing job and earning pretty good money for a year, my motivation to continue my education vanished. After over a decade of waitressing, I began developing back pain, and I knew I needed to go back to college, but I was so afraid! I finally just "did it" and registered for classes at a local college. I forgot how much I loved learning! I am now a social worker and really love helping others. Since having a good education is such an important part of living a healthy, happy life, I decided to make a blog to share my educational tips. I hope I can help empower you to succeed in any educational endeavor you take!


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Common Myths About Catholic School For Non-Catholics

You might live in an area that doesn't have the best public schools, which could cause you to seek out private schools to educate your child. This is a smart move because it will help your children be successful. However, there might only be Catholic schools in your area when you are looking at public schools. If you are not practicing the Catholic faith, you might worry about sending your child to a Catholic school. Here are some common myths about non-Catholics sending their children to Catholic schools.

1. Catholicism Is Going to Replace the Religion You Are Teaching Your Child

The first thing that you might be worried about is that Catholicism is going to replace the religion that you practice and that you are teaching your child. This is important to you because you want your child to follow the religion that you believe in. The fact of the matter is that there are many ways that you can reinforce your own religion that are going to simply outweigh whatever your child learns in theology class at a Catholic school. You could send your child to additional classes that are specific to your religion or spend time outside of school everyday doing activities that are specific to your own religion. This will allow you to reinforce your own religion.

You can also talk about the differences between Catholicism and your own religion. This can actually help deepen your child's belief in your own religion because it will encourage him or her to think more critically about religion. 

Finally, many religions preach similar beliefs. Catholicism stresses service and caring for others that cannot care for themselves. There is a good chance that some of the beliefs in the religion that you follow are mirrored in Catholicism.

2. Your Child Will Have to Go Through the Sacraments

Catholic schools will encourage your child to go through the various sacraments, such as confession or receiving the Eucharist, but your child does not need to do so. Your teachers and the administration will respect your child's choices and your own choices. If you are worried, be sure that you talk to the principal and your child's teachers ahead of time in order to explain your own position and give them a heads up as to what your child will and will not be doing.

For more information, talk to a Catholic school like Queen of Peace High School.